EFF: Money spent on Afrikaans courses could be put to better use

Many say the process of reviewing the university’s language policy is taking too long.

Earlier today, scuffles broke out between students over the language police at the University of Pretoria. Picture: @patson_manda via Twitter

JOHANNESBURG - Students demonstrating against the use of Afrikaans as a language of instruction at the University of Pretoria, say money spent on providing for the language could be better spent elsewhere.

Students gathered at the institution's main gate, where they clashed with police.

Police fired rubbers bullets and students threw stones.

While the university has embarked on a process to review its language policy, many say the process is simply taking too long.

The Economic Freedom Fighters' Lungile Sonwabo says funds used to enable the university to provide courses on both English and Afrikaans could be better spent.

"That money can be used for bursaries and residences, because they are always complaining that [they] can't accommodate more people and lease more buildings, but there is still money that is being used."

Police arrested at least 14 students on charges of public violence.