ANC dismisses secret ballot vote to remove Zuma

ANC Chief Whip Stone Sizani says the ruling party will not be drawn into flimsy claims by the opposition.

President Jacob Zuma sits down as he is interrupted trying to give his State of the Nation Address on 11 February 2016. Picture: AFP.

CAPE TOWN - The African National Congress (ANC) chief whip Stone Sizani has dismissed opposition calls for Members of Parliament (MPs) to vote by secret ballot in a motion of no confidence against President Jacob Zuma next month.

Sizani said the ANC's MPs will have to toe the party line.

The National Assembly will debate the Democratic Alliance (DA)'s motion on the first of March.

The DA wants MPs votes to be confidential; and says cabinet ministers should not be allowed to participate in the motion of no confidence debate against President Jacob Zuma.

United Democratic Movement leader Bantu Holomisa is also calling for a secret ballot.

"Some people within the ANC might want to vote against Zuma, especially after the scandals of his."

But Sizani disagrees; "We can't work on the basis of the conscience. Why are you allowing yourself to come to the house on the basis of that ticket of the ANC? When you come here you're an individual governed by your own individual conscience, it doesn't work?"

A motion of no confidence in Zuma brought by the DA a year ago failed to get the majority backing of MPs.