Private healthcare costs in SA raise concerns

Research found that South Africans are paying high costs to access quality health care.

Picture: Reinart Toerien/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Section 27 says it wants barriers to access of quality healthcare in South Africa to be addressed by the Competition Commission.

The commission is holding a health market inquiry to interrogate the conduct of private healthcare stakeholders in providing services to the public.

Today is the third day of the inquiry's public hearings.

South Africans have been urged to come forward to share their experiences with private healthcare institutions.

Section 27 says it wants particular focus to be placed on skyrocketing prices, which are shutting out more South Africans out from receiving quality healthcare.

The organisation's Umunyana Rugege says there's a need for price regulation.

"Data presented by the World Health Organisation, together with the OECD, found that South Africa is paying relatively high costs. We want to understand what the cost drivers of the private healthcare system is in South Africa and to find ways to address those."