ANC WC leaders at loggerheads

Marius Fransman hit back at Andile Lili for saying he’s not fit to be the people’s leader.

FILE: African National Congress Western Cape leader Marius Fransman (L). Picture: Xolani Koyana/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - The African National Congress (ANC) Western Cape chairperson Marius Fransman, said if anyone should leave the party's Provincial Executive Committee (PEC), it should be Andile Lili.

Earlier this week, Lili claimed some provincial ANC members tried to shield Fransman after sexual assault charges were levelled against him.

He alleged Fransman booked one room for him and his personal assistant the night before she laid sexual harassment allegations against him earlier this year.

Fransman is being investigated after his 20-year-old personal assistant alleged he sexually assaulted her.

"We were vocal to say Marius Fransman should step down."

Fransman, who maintains he's innocent, was asked to step aside pending the outcome of the investigation into the matter.

But Lili said he's one of the PEC members who called for Fransman to step aside.

"He's about 50 years old, comrades, and he's alleged of a serious crime."

But Fransman has hit back via a Facebook post, claiming he's the victim of an organised smear campaign.

He wrote that he found Lili's comments in exceptional bad taste as Lili is a convict.

Lili was arrested and held for more than a week for missing three court cases scheduled on the same day at two different courts in January.

He was last year found guilty of contravening the civil aviation act when he and several others dumped human waste at Cape Town international Airport.


The ANC yesterday lashed at Lili for comments he made about his colleagues.

The party's Yonela Diko described Lili's comments as careless.

"We want to ask Lili to refrain from commenting on matters currently underway inside the ANC processes. If he has any matter that he would like to raise, he has access to all ANC structures and he himself belongs to a very senior structure, which in fact collectively takes decisions."

He claimed some of his colleagues, including spokesperson, Jabu Mfusi, have it in for him.

"The PEC of the ANC we were very honest and fruitful to ourselves and to the nation, to say Marius Fransman you should step down, finish and klaar. Jabu Mfusi is in the back pocket of Marius Fransman."

He alleged Mfusi and some others were not in favour of Fransman being asked to step aside, following sexual harassment claims by his personal assistant.

Mfusi retorted saying Lili's allegations don't warrant a response.

Meanwhile, the ANC in the Western Cape announced its provincial Deputy Chairperson Khaya Magaxa as leader in the Provincial Legislature.

Magaxa, who is also the SACP's provincial secretary, replaces Fransman.

Diko said Magaxa will act until Fransman's case is finalised.

"He has influenced the generation of comrades has had is profound effects on the ANC as an organisation. He is stepping into this important position with the full confidence of the ANC and we are more than confident that he will hold the DA government accountable and will present the ANC as the only organisation of governing the Western Cape."