DA calls for Lily Mine investigations to be tabled before Parliament

Mine management announced that the rescue mission would be put on hold.

Sink hole at the Lily Mine in Barberton. Picture: Vantage Goldfield

CAPE TOWN - With rescue attempts for three trapped miners at the Lily Mine in Barberton suspended for at least two weeks, calls have been made for investigations into the collapse to be tabled before Parliament.

Last night, mine management announced that the rescue mission would be put on hold to allow a second escape route to be drilled.

Yvonne Mnisi, Solomon Nyerende and Pretty Nkambule have spent two weeks trapped in a container underground, following the collapse of the mine surface.

The National Union for Mineworkers of South Africa has already made calls for a full independent inquiry into the tragedy.

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The Democtratic Alliance's James Lorimer says the investigation must be tabled before Parliament to give it the full attention it deserves.

"Because this is a case that is so prominent, and so unusual in a sense, we need to know what happened. I think people would not be satisfied with an investigation that drags on gets a bit of a background. We need to know."

The rescue mission was temporarily called off after three collapses occurred.

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In one of the collapses, a large concrete structure at the entrance of the mine tunnel and soil from a hill next to the sinkhole broke off and fell into the same hole where the container is stuck.