Mbete rules out personal, private remarks from today’s Sona debate

She says it’s her duty to make sure scandalous and improper matters don’t appear on the printed record.

FILE: National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete.

CAPE TOWN - National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete opened today's joint-sitting of Parliament by ruling personal and private remarks about President Jacob Zuma out of order.

She says during yesterday's debate, Members of Parliament (MPs) made "unparliamentarily remarks" about individuals in government and "cast aspersions."

Mbete had warned Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema that his speech would be expunged from the record after he delivered a blistering attack on Zuma.

In a no holds barred speech, Malema disclosed that he led the charge to oust former President Thabo Mbeki after Zuma said they could no longer work together.

He also accused Zuma of being under the sway of the influential Gupta family.

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The EFF has written to Mbete telling her not to expunge Malema's speech from the parliamentary record.

Before round two of the State of the Nation Address (Sona) debate kicked off, Mbete addressed this issue.

"There are procedures for members to follow if they wish to bring to the attention of Parliament alleged improper conduct on the part of another member."

She says it's her duty to make sure scandalous and improper matters do not appear on the printed record.

The Speaker has decided to refer the issue to Parliament's rules committee.

The president will get his chance to respond to the debate in Parliament tomorrow afternoon.

Smaller parties get a chance to air their views today, with the Freedom Front Plus, the African Christian Democratic Party, Agang, Cope and the PAC all set to take part.

Malema led his MPs out of the Chamber yesterday and there's no EFF speaker named on the draft list of speakers.

The list also shows that while the ANC as the majority party has seven speaking slots, only one of them had been confirmed by 11am today.

One reason may be that President Zuma and his Cabinet are meeting in Cape Town today.

The Democratic Alliance's five speakers are all confirmed ad include the party's finance spokesman David Maynier.

Final list of speakers for round 2 of #SONAdebate 14h00 start. GD pic.twitter.com/eHFlSHXpHe