Seduction expert defends her 'Girlfriend Allowance' seminar

Mandisa Mahlobo says the session aims to advise women on how to get their partners to spoil them.

Seduction expert Mandisa Mahlobo. Picture: Facebook

JOHANNESBURG - The organiser of a seduction seminar believed to be aimed at teaching women how to seduce their partners in order to get an allowance, is in fact a means to tackle the subject of money in relationships.

Self-taught seduction expert, Mandisa Mahlobo, who has been in the field for 10 years, organised the event.

Mahlobo says she wants to encourage women to gain better control over their relationships and get men to start spoiling them again.

"Every time women come to me, the issue of money always comes up. When they talk to me about how their husband is cheating on them or how they are not being taken care of in their relationships, they say 'please teach me how to seduce my man so I can for once feel loved and pampered.'"

She says the 'Girlfriend Allowance' seminar will ask questions around how far and how much women should invest financially in their relationships.

"I've found that a lot of women are being taken for a ride in their relationships when it comes to money and I feel some of the reasons why their men are no longer taking care of them is because they financed the relationship. Through this seminar, I am saying to women lets go back to basics."

She says the essential focus is 'ukubheja' (spoiling a woman).

"Every woman, whether they admit to it publically or not, would love to feel like a queen and be pampered by their king. People suddenly feel like this is something new but that's nonsense because 'ukubheja' is something that has been happening for years. Nature believes that a man needs to provide for a woman but women have moved, which is beautiful. [Women] are making money, but there is a lot of confusion. All women have got power in them to steer the relationship to whatever direction they want but they don't know about this power, or they know but they don't know how to utilise it."

Psychologist Khosi Jiyane suggests Mahlobo's teachings are regressive.

"I hear her taking the evolutionary or biological perspective that the male is the provider. If the male is a provider, why is it that there needs to be a seduction to it?"

She says it objectifies both women and men.

"You are covertly teaching a woman how to access this man's ATM pin so that you can get the money out of the ATM. You are objectifying not only yourself but objectifying men as ATM's."

Jiyane says Mahlobo should be teaching women how to provide for themselves.

"The sad thing for me is that instead of teaching women to be able to provide for themselves, what they want and need so that we are able to participate as equal partners in relationships without money being the currency of our connection. What we are teaching women is to, in fact, manipulate someone to give you what you are not willing to give to yourself."

A hundred people are currently registered for the session.

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