Andile Lili: Some ANC members tried to shield Fransman

Andile Lili claims some members tried to shield Fransman following allegations of sexual harassment.

ANC Provincial Secretary Marius Fransman at the the ANC Youth League rally outside the DA headquarters on Mill Street. The ANC say the DA are running a racist government in the Western Cape. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN

CAPE TOWN - The African National Congress (ANC) Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) member Andile Lili claims some members on the provincial executive tried to shield chairperson Marius Fransman following allegations of sexual harassment levelled against him.

He spoke candidly on the matter following his release on three charges of contempt of court yesterday.

Lili was arrested and held for more than a week for missing three court cases scheduled on the same day at two different courts in January.

There appears to be no love lost between some ANC members in the Western Cape.

Lili claims some of his colleagues, including spokesperson, Jabu Mfusi, have it in for him.

"The PEC of the ANC we were very honest and fruitful to ourselves and to the nation, to say Marius Fransman you should step down, finish and klaar. Jabu Mfusi is in the back pocket of Marius Fransman."

He alleged Mfusi and some others were not in favour of Fransman being asked to step aside, following sexual harassment claims by his personal assistant.

Mfusi is retorted saying Lili's allegations don't warrant a response.


Lili was found not guilty of being in contempt of court. The cases, however, were scheduled for the same day and time with Lili not making it to a single one.

He looked relieved as the magistrate explained he should not be held in contempt of court.

Lili's defense was that he had three cases to attend at the Khayelitsha and Bellville courts on 29 January.

The matters related to charges of public violence and incitement to commit violence, as well as a child maintenance case.

Lili told the court it was a "sad" day for him as he could not divide himself into three and therefore arrived late at all the cases.