More setbacks at Lily Mine, workers still trapped

After a series of collapses, geologists have now arrived to assess the stability of the ground.

Miners at Lily Mine in Barberton Mpumalanga on 12 February, 2016. Picture: Kgothatso Mogale/EWN.

BARBERTON - There has been yet another series of collapses at the Lily Mine near Barberton in Mpumalanga as geologists arrive to assess the stability of the ground surrounding a pit in which three workers remain trapped.

The workers were stuck in a metal container when the ground on the surface of the mine collapsed nearly a 100m 10 days ago.

Since then, rescue workers from across the country have been trying to get access to the container, but this has been hampered by further collapses.

There are serious concerns about the stability of the ground surrounding Lily Mine.

The South African National Disaster Centre and geologists from the University of Pretoria are already on site.

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But the mine's management has described the latest collapse as continuous and says while the ground is falling into the pit from the surface, the tunnels underground are also under immense strain.

This may be due to the excavation undertaken by the rescue teams.

Since the workers were trapped, the teams have removed more than 5,000 tonnes of rock and debris.

But the Mpumalanga premier has called on teams not to give up and find the workers, dead or alive.

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