Today marks 3 years since Reeva Steenkamp's murder

Reeva Steenkamp was shot and killed by Oscar Pistorius in 2013.

Reeva Rebecca Steenkamp. Picture: Carte Blanche.

JOHANNESBURG - Today marks exactly three years since Reeva Steenkamp was shot and killed by her Paralympian boyfriend, Oscar Pistorius.

Pistorius has been convicted of Steenkamp's murder after he shot her through his bathroom door, claiming he thought she was an intruder.

Pistorius is expected to appeal the Supreme Court of Appeal's decision to set aside the high court's ruling of culpable homicide at the Constitutional Court later this year.

On 13 February 2013, Steenkamp posted her last tweet.

What do you have up your sleeve for your love tomorrow??? #getexcited #ValentinesDay

Just hours later the South African model was shot through the bathroom door of the man she was supposed to spent the day with, Pistorius.

The scene played out in the high court with Pistorius claiming it was a terrible mistake and he did his best to save her.

In January, Pistorius' legal team officially served its Constitutional Court appeal papers which will be his last hope to stay out of jail.