A week later & Lily Mine rescuers work tirelessly

An 80m hole is now visible at the entrance of the mine, making the rescue mission of 3 miners more dangerous.

Aerial view of the portion Lily Mine which collapsed on 5 February 2016. Picture: Barberton Times

BARBERTON - It's been another frustrating day for rescue workers at the Lily Mine near Barberton, where they are trying to reach a container where three workers have been trapped for seven days.

The workers, Pretty Nkambule, Solomon Nyerende and Yvonne Mnisi, were in the lamp room when the collapse happened last week Friday.

An 80 metre hole is now visible at the entrance of the mine, making the rescue more dangerous.

There has been no official briefing by mine management on the status of today's operation but they hope to conclude their rescue mission in the coming hours.

Different equipment and specialised techniques have assisted in cracking the rocks preventing access to the container.

LISTEN: The role specialised equipment plays in rescue efforts

But removing these rocks and drawing out tonnes of sand could still take several hours.

The process has been slowed down due to deteriorating working conditions underground, and the risk to the team.

The families of the miners remain on site. They were encouraged to stay strong by people wearing African National Congress T-shirts.

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