Kanye West gets backlash for defending Bill Cosby

The rapper caused a stir on social media when he declared Bill Cosby’s innocence.

Kanye West. Picture: Facebook

JOHANNESBURG - American rapper Kanye West has received angry backlash on Twitter for defending Bill Cosby.

West declared his support for the comedian who is accused of sexually assaulting more than 50 women, in a tweet on Tuesday.

The post has caused angry backlash from both critics and fans who say they have lost all respect for the hip - hop mogul.

@kanyewest pic.twitter.com/jsgR0ztkW9

The fact @kanyewest thinks he is untouchable will be the downfall of him!

I'm am disgusted, but not that surprised, that an arrogant narcissist like @kanyewest would defend Billy Cosby #StandUpforTheVictims #NoMore

my man, stop binging netflix and focus on the album @kanyewest pic.twitter.com/Zg6Ot0bMPr

@NathanZed @kanyewest blocked, reported, tidal subscription cancelled

Kanye West tweeted that Bill Cosby is innocent?

This is the last straw.

He just lost my vote in 2020.

Cosby who has for years denied allegations of assault by dozens of women, was charged in December last year with sexually assaulting a woman in 2004 after plying her with drugs and alcohol.

The charges, filed days before the statute of limitations on the alleged crime was to expire, are the only criminal charges the entertainer faces.

He has been implicated in allegations of attacks dating back to the 1960s.