No new suspect in Hawston rally shooting

A 26-year-old man has been released from police custody due to lack of evidence.

Picture: Saps.

CAPE TOWN - Police say no new suspects have been identified after the release of a man arrested in connection with a fatal shooting at a biker rally in Hawston.

A 26-year-old was released due to a lack of evidence shortly before his scheduled appearance in the Hermanus Magistrates Court this morning.

The Hermanus Police Acting Station Commander was critically wounded in the shooting on Saturday, while her 19-year-old daughter and a family friend were killed and two others were also wounded.

The release of the suspects serves as a setback in the investigation.

Stunned residents say they are baffled by the development.

Meanwhile, Hermanus police say they will leave no stone unturned in the investigation into the shooting.

Officers at Hermanus Police Station say they are determined to bring justice for one of their own.

"This will not break us, in fact it gives us further motivation to bring the perpetrator to book."

The Acting Station Commander Rounita Burgess is highly regarded for her leadership and honourable character.

The 48-year-old is fighting for her life after she was shot in the head and chest.

Her daughter, Randy Burgess, and family friend, Rudin Salo, were killed, while two others were wounded.

Police are now following new leads to pick-up the investigation.

They are not speculating about possible motives for the shooting.