Jet promotes self-love with new marketing campaign

The campaign, which features models of all sizes, has been praised on social media.

A screengrab of three of the women featured in Jet's #LoveYourself campaign.

JOHANNESBURG - Jet stores has struck up a conversation among women and men about positive body image with its latest marketing campaign which uses models of varying sizes to communicate a message of self love.

The 'Jet Love Yourself' initiative has become a trending topic on social media since its launch on Monday, with most of the public commending the retail clothing store.

They all seem to agree that it's an 'edgy' concept for a 'once conservative brand'.

Did anyone notice the Jet rebrand? Are they the first SA retailer to use plus sized models for lingerie? NICE ONE Jet...

Posted by Dave Nemeth on Monday, February 8, 2016

The store, which predominately caters for the middle-income consumer, says it's now repositioning the brand.

Marketing executive Vaneshree Naidu says it's important to encourage women to not only love those around them but to love and celebrate themselves.

"Women are the fibre that holds society together and she deserves to love herself and all her flaws because beauty comes in different shapes and sizes."

They are not the first to adopt the concept. Dove established its 'Real Beauty' campaign in 2004 and has continued with the project over the years.

When asked about the originality of the promotion, Naidu explained how they have used Valentine's Day as their departure point.

"Our campaign is based on our 'For Everyone' positioning. Its objective is to inspire women. Valentine's Day historically has always been about showing someone that you love them. We believe that loves begins with you loving and celebrating yourself as the women of today."

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