Contralesa calls on Mandla Mandela to step down

Mandela married a Muslim woman at the weekend and is believed to have converted to Islam last year.

FILE: Mandla Mandela with his new wife, Rabia. Picture: Twitter @mandlamandela.

CAPE TOWN - The Congress of Traditional Leaders of South African (Contralesa) has called on Mvezo Chief Mandla Mandela to step down following his conversion to Islam.

Mandela married Rabia Clarke, a Muslim woman, at the weekend and is believed to have converted to Islam late last year.

It's his fourth marriage.

Contralesa's Xolile Ndevu says Mandela's new religious affiliation is a problem.

Ndevu believes Chief Mandela cannot both lead the people of Mvezo and the Eastern Cape and be a Muslim at the same time.

"It means now he is no longer a chief of AbaThembu in Mvezo but becomes a Muslim because the Mvezo people are not Muslim."


As always, Twitter users turned to the social media site to share their views:

Mandla Mandela got married again? Rabia Clark, u in our prayers

I'm stressed out by this Mandla Mandela wedding. Only coz we won't be slayed like this in parliament again

Mandla Mandela is a fool,in our culture a woman marrys into my culture. He might as well change his surname to hers.

Contralesa wants Mandla Mandela to step down as a Chief because he converted to Islam. And I thought I've heard it all in my life. SMH.

Mandla Mandela and his bride Rabia Clarke. #gorgeous #NguwoNguwoNgumtshato