Montana accuses Molefe of being involved ‘in shady deals’

The former Prasa CEO says Popo Molefe is corrupt and that’s why he opened a case against him last year.

FILE: Former Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa) CEO Lucky Montana. Picture: EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Former Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa) CEO Lucky Montana has lashed out at board chairman Popo Molefe accusing him of destroying the rail agency and being involved in a number of shady deals.

Montana has denied benefiting from a contract with Siyangena Technologies when he headed Prasa, and says he didn't receive money to help him buy a property.

Molefe has filed court papers to cancel the contract with the company, and in his affidavit, he accuses Montana of scoring a massive house through a corrupt deal.

Montana says he has not been taken to court and he is also not a respondent in the case between Prasa and Siyangena Technologies.

Montana says Molefe simply used the opportunity to discredit him once again.

"I want to ask Popo Molefe to look at himself in the mirror before making such unfounded and defamatory allegations. His reputation and that of key members of his board is, in itself, not good."

He says the board chair is corrupt and that's why he opened a case against him last year.

He's also criticised other board members, saying some of them shouldn't be there, especially one who he says has a criminal record for tax fraud.


Montana says he has been subjected to an unlawful, rogue intelligence investigation and he's being blamed for some of the rail agency's contractual disputes.

He says he never awarded a contract to Siyangena Technologies, insisting the Prasa board did, but now that the rail agency is trying to cancel it, he's been accused of 'scoring a house'.

Montana says he has been investing in property for many years and he received bonds through various banks.

At the same time, Montana believes he's been closely watched and investigated by Prasa under the presence that it's looking into contracts that were awarded over the years.

"An unlawful, in fact an intelligence, operation was initiated and done against me. People have come to my house armed and took pictures, documents and building plans."

Montana claims the chairman has a personal vendetta against him.