Mido Macia trial: Defence’s application for leave to appeal rejected

The defence had filed court papers for leave to appeal against its clients’ convictions.

Screengrab of eight former police officers convicted of the murder for Mozambican taxi driver Mido Macia.

JOHANNESBURG - The defence in the Mido Macia trial has confirmed its application for leave to appeal against its clients' convictions has been denied by the High Court in Pretoria.

Eight former police officers were found guilty of killing the Mozambican taxi driver and were each handed 15 year jail terms last November.

Macia was found dead in a holding cell at the Daveyton Police Station, on the East Rand, after being dragged behind a police van in February 2013.

Defence attorney Benny Ndaba says the court papers have been filed but Judge Bert Bam has turned down the application for leave to appeal.

"On 11 December, we brought an application for leave to appeal, which was refused by Judge Bert Bam."

Ndaba says Bam believes there is no court that will make a different finding.

"He gave a lengthy judgment and he doesn't think another court will come to a different conclusion."

The former officers are currently serving their sentences at the Pretoria Central Prison.