CT beheading case: Witness to continue testimony

Jason Sass (19) has testified that Aljar Swartz told him about his plans to sell a human's head.

Lee Adams’ body was found at this derelict school building in Ravensmead. Picture: Renee de Villiers/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Cross-examination of witnesses testifying in the murder trial of a 20-year-old man accused of beheading a Ravensmead teenager will commence today.

Aljar Swartz is appearing in the Western Cape High Court in connection with the mutilation of 15-year-old Lee Adams in October 2013.

Adams' head was found buried at the accused's house.

Nineteen-year-old Jason Sass has testified that Swartz told him about his plans to sell a human's head and other body parts to a sangoma for money.

Sass has however testified he didn't think the accused was serious about going through with the act.

Another witness, Bryant Manasse, says he overheard Swartz tell a friend he could get R5,000 for body parts.

The accused, however, has denied all the allegations and has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The lawyer for the 20-year-old man says his client denies seeing the victim on the day of the attack.

Manasse claims he saw Swarts walking with the victim the night of the incident.

The defence's Sharif Mohamed says his client denies seeing Manasse.

He also denies walking with the victim in the direction of the abandoned school.

But Manasse claims that's a lie, as he recalls how the accused tried to persuade him to go with them and look for dagga at the school.