#LilyMine: Audio communication established with trapped miners

All efforts today will be aimed at breaking through to the lamp room where the miners are trapped.

Outside the Lily Mine near Barberton in Mpumalanga where more than 100 workers are trapped underground. Picture: Lowveld Media/Barberton Times.

JOHANNESBURG - The Lily Gold Mine near Barberton, where dozens of workers were trapped underground following a cave in, has this morning confirmed it has established what it believes to be audio communication with the three remaining miners.

Eighty people were rescued after the collapse on Friday, but three workers who were inside a 'lamp room' remained unaccounted for.

Operations director Mike Begg explains why rescue workers now have what he describes as 'immense hope' of finding the last three miners alive.

"We were very lucky in the couple of hours of last night; we've started seeing indications that we're getting close to this lamp room. We've received a regular audible response to signals made by the rescue team."

Begg says all efforts today will be aimed at breaking through to the lamp room.

Managers at the mine say they hope to break through to the three remaining miners within hours.

Last night highly sensitive listening equipment picked up sounds which are believed to be communication from the miners.

Begg says, "This has given us immense hope that we have located the position of the lamp room within the pile of rocks and our endeavours today are flat out now focused on this area to start retrieving our colleagues."