Gangsterism Must Fall: Residents in gang violence-stricken areas live in fear

The victims took part in yesterday’s Gangsterism Must Fall march, voicing their frustrations to the Mayor.

Scores of people outside Wynberg Magistrate Court opposing bail for Jayden Smith alleged killers.Picture: Lauren Isaacs/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Several victims of gang violence in Cape Town say fear has become a part of their daily lives.

Yesterday, two children who were both victims of gang violence were laid to rest, while dozens took to the streets of Manenberg calling for an end to gangsterism.

Jeff-Lee Pretorius said she no longer gets a fright when she hears gunfire outside her Hanover Park home.

"I was inside, just suddenly we heard gunshots. I just went on my way, until I heard that someone was shouting in our way. I couldn't see who it was, but then I heard that it was my brother they shot."

Pretorius's brother Angelo was shot and killed last year while he was walking home, he had been caught in a gang shootout.

Washiela Samuel's son Ashraf was also in the wrong place at the wrong time when he met his death during a gang shootout last year.

"It affects everybody and every time there's shooting, it brings back memories."

Samuels and Pretorius took part in yesterday's Gangsterism Must Fall march, voicing their frustrations at what they claim has been an increase in gang violence.

The dozens of protesters who marched from Manenberg to Athlone handed over a memorandum to the mayor's office calling for government to tackle socio-economic issues perpetuating gang-related crime.


Anti-gangsterism demonstrators have handed over a memorandum to the Cape Town mayor's office calling for better policing in the Western Cape.

The Gangsterism Must Fall movement, led by various community leaders, took to the streets of Manenberg and Athlone on Saturday to voice their grievances.

The group of about 60 marchers, kept up a passionate pace as they walk down Klipfontein road towards Athlone Civic Centre.

When the marchers arrived at the Athlone Civic Centre, a memorandum was handed over to Elgan Fortune from the mayor's office.

Gangsterism Must Fall's organiser Roscoe Jacobs said the memo calls on government to address issues that are perpetuating gang violence in communities.

"We have community halls that are not being utilised so we want the communities to have access to those halls so that we can have the young people busy."

Jacobs said the group wants a response from the mayor within the next week.