Protesters block entrance to TUT

Some outsourced workers have rejected an insourcing deal & have continued demonstrations.

Protesting TUT outsourced workers burn a Nehawu t-shirt during a demonstration on Thursday. Picture: Vumani Mkhize/EWN.

PRETORIA - The Tshwane University of Technology (TUT)'s Pretoria West campus has been blocked by demonstrating workers as it was scheduled to reopen today.

On Thursday, management at the university reached a deal with unions to insource contract workers over the next three years.

But some outsourced workers, supported by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)'s student command have rejected the deal and have continued the demonstration, saying they will remain there until their demands are met.

Hundreds of students have broken through a blockade at the Pretoria West campus.

It started off as a trickle of students making their way past the EFF red shirts who were standing with their arms stretched out to stop people getting past.

But it has since swelled and dozens more followed until massive groups were running towards the university's main gate.

It was then that the police intervened to prevent the EFF from stopping those that wanted to enter, but also prohibited the members from going on to the campus.

The university obtained an interdict last week that has given the police permission to ensure that the institution's doors remain open.

Public order police have been deployed to the area, but despite the tense situation, clashes have been averted.