No signal jammers expected at #Sona2016

Jammed signals last year sparked protests from the press gallery as well as Members of Parliament.

FILE: Screengrab from the 'bring back the signal' chant by the media in Parliament during State of the Nation Address 2015. Picture: EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Secretary to Parliament Gengezi Mgidlana says he's confident there'll be no repeat of the cellphone signal jamming debacle that marred last year's State of the Nation Address (Sona).

Mgidlana and other parliamentary officials briefed journalists this afternoon.

WATCH: Sona 2015 'Bring back the signal'

President Jacob Zuma is set to deliver the Sona on 11 February.

Last year saw chaos erupt when Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) members were forcibly ejected from the chamber.

Jammed signals sparked protests from the press gallery as well as Members of Parliament (MPs), and caused embarrassment for State Security Minister David Mahlobo, who claimed it was an error and insisted it would not be repeated.

Mgidlana says security for the Sona will once again involve the help of the security cluster but says he expects all involved parties to act within the law.

"We are confident, I think on our side, and we're planning for a successful event. An event that is free of any eventualities that may have been caused either by us or those who we work with in this regard."

A new rule governing the removal of unruly or defiant MPs from the Chamber will be in force for this year's event.

WATCH: Night of chaos at Sona 2015

The rule allows for parliamentary protection services to remove an MP if the sergeant-at-arms is unable to do so.

The rule governing MPs' forcible ejection from the Chamber now applies to joint sittings of both houses of Parliament after its adoption last November.

The EFF was opposed to the new rule, but Mgidlana believes it will help ensure there's no replay of the chaos that erupted last year.

"Basically, the rules are there for all members and parties to conduct themselves in the manner that they have so determined and we are quite confident that the rules will be followed"

Mgidlana says the police and defence force will be assisting with security.