Man bites cop's hand after being pulled over

Metro Police say they acted against the motorist in Westlake after he went through a red light.

FILE: Officers say the man first pulled over but later sped off. Picture: Aletta Harrison/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - An alleged drunk driver showed some Dutch courage when he bit a traffic officer's hand after being pulled over.

Metro Police say they acted against the 23-year-old motorist in Westlake after he went through a red light.

Officers say he first pulled over, but then sped off with authorities in hot pursuit.

He was eventually forced to stop and take a breathalyser test which found he was twice over the legal limit, but not before biting an officer on the hand in a brazen attempt to get away.

The City of Cape Town's JP Smith says this is yet another example of how some motorists have no regard for the law.

"Not only did the suspect put his own life at risk, he endangered other road users with his irresponsible behaviour. After his antics, he is facing a lot more than just a charge of drunk driving. The suspect now also faces additional charges of assaulting a police officer, failure to obey a lawful instruction, and damage to City property. He was very brazen in his attempt to escape. Hopefully this serves as a lesson to others who try to evade the law: ultimately you will get caught."

At the same time, several other motorists were arrested for reckless and negligent driving.

During separate incidents, two motorists were arrested on the N1 near Century City and Bellville for illegal drag-racing and reckless and negligent driving. The highest breathalyser reading for the evening was three times over the legal limit.