Zuma welcomes AU re-election onto AU Peace and Security Council

SA faces mounting pressure to become more involved in preventing Burundi from falling back into civil war.

President Jacob Zuma. Picure: GCIS

JOHANNESBURG - President Jacob Zuma welcomed South Africa's re-election to the African Union (AU) Peace and Security Council and committed his government to continue working with the 14 other members for stability on the continent.

South Africa's facing mounting pressure to become more muscularly involved in p reventing Burundi from sliding back to the civil war.

Zuma was personally involved in mediating an end to the war 12 years ago.

AU foreign ministers meeting in Addis Ababa, ahead of their leaders' summit tomorrow, named South Africa to serve a further term on the continental body's early warning and conflict resolution body.

The Peace and Security Council works in support of peace-building and post-conflict reconstruction, humanitarian action and disaster management.

It will be the first port of call within the AU mechanism if the security situation in Burundi continues to deteriorate.

Tensions in the country mounted after President Pierre Nknurunziza took an unconstitutional third term in power.

Earlier this month, two former Burundi presidents pleaded for the United Nations Security Council to back the deployment of international troops to the African state which has been gripped by political violence because it "runs the risk of becoming another Rwanda."