Philippi baby to be laid to rest today

Inganathi Mnyani was allegedly killed by her mother’s ex-boyfriend during an argument last week.

Seven-month-old Inganathi was allegedly killed by her mother’s ex-boyfriend. Picture: Monique Mortlock/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - A seven-month-old baby girl who was beaten to death in Philippi is being laid to rest today.

The atmosphere this morning grew increasingly sombre as family and friends arrived at the Mnyani home.

Several large pictures of Inganathi , clad in a pink and blue jumpsuit with a frilly bow on her head, adorned the walls around the home.

#PhilippiBaby The baby's uncle Bongani Nunu describes Inganathi as a sweet and quiet child. @MoniqueMortlock

The baby girl was allegedly killed by her mother's ex-boyfriend during an argument last week.

The man has since been arrested and was denied bail this week.

He will make a second court appearance on 2 March for consultation with his legal aid lawyer and for bail information.

Mnyani's uncle Bongani Nunu described the seven-month-old as a sweet child.

"She was someone who would listen whenever you spoke to her. She was not so 'stout' and was a quiet lady."

The seven-month-old baby's family was struggling to fund today's funeral, but thanks to support from the Brown's Farm community they'll able to give her a proper burial.

When Eyewitness News spoke to little Inganathi's grieving mother, Andisiwe, she said all she wants now is justice.

He ex-boyfriend Zukile Nakuphi is facing charges of intimidation and murder.