Kruger National Park in desperate need of rain

Kruger National Park warns if it doesn’t receive significant rain soon its wildlife will be at risk.

Heatwave. Picture: AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - The Kruger National Park is warning if it doesn't receive significant rain within the next two months its wildlife will be at risk.

The nature reserve says its struggles are different to those of drought-stricken farmers because it keeps wildlife which are more suited to adapting to climate changes.

But it says the situation is serious with many of its dams now running dry.

The park's hippos have reportedly started huddling in small pools of water to survive.

Park spokesperson William Mabasa says those small pools are becoming unsuitable for other animals to drink from.

"[The hippos] are filling up the water with dung to a point where it can't be conducive for other animals to drink from those little pools. If we don't have rain in the next month or two we will see mortality of animals."