JHB baby scalded by boiling water in critical condition

Paramedics say the 10-month-old baby has suffered second-degree burns.

Netcare911 airlifts 10 month old baby from Bekkersdal to a Johannesburg hospital after suffering second -egree burns. Picture: @Netcare911_sa

JOHANNESBURG - A 10-month-old baby has been air lifted to hospital in Bekkersdal after being scalded by boiling water.

It's believed the child's mother was heating water in the family's home this morning, when the pot fell over.

Paramedics say the child is in a critical condition, having suffered second-degree burns.

Netcare911's Athlenda Mathe says, "We would like to advise all parents to make sure they keep hot water away from children at all times. [They must] make sure that they keep hot water, or hot water sources, out of reach and at a safe height; be careful with hot drinks around children and keep them from fire places and grills."