Zille claims she has proof the ANC is benefiting from State contracts

She says a letter signed by Truman Prince proves he was asking to be able to select construction companies.

FILE: Western Cape Premier Helen Zille. Picture: Reinart Toerien/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Western Cape Premier Helen Zille says the province has found a letter signed by Beaufort West Mayor Truman Prince, which proves he was asking to be able to select which construction companies would build a particular project, so that those companies could help fund the ANC's election campaign.

In the document, he also says he saw the construction project as a mechanism to help the ANC regain ground lost to the opposition.

Zille says this document shows how the ANC benefits from the use of State contracts.

"Procurement for the state is used to benefit certain ANC aligned companies that then often can charge inflated prices and the balance then goes back to the ANC."

And she claims this is a widespread practice.

"Because this is so inherent in how Truman Prince behaves, he has the nous to actually write it down on an official letterhead and sign it."

Zille says this is a trend that occurs every time there is an election.