US to seek 30% increase in UN humanitarian funding for refugee crisis

Kerry says the aim is to secure an increase in funding from $10bn in 2015 to $13bn this year.

FILE: US Secretary of State John Kerry. Picture: AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - America has announced it will seek a 30 percent increase in United Nations humanitarian funding in response to the global refugee crisis.

US Secretary of State John Kerry has told delegates in Davos the request will be made at a UN summit to be hosted by President Barack Obama this year.

He says the aim is to secure an increase in funding from $10 billion in 2015 to $13 billion this year.

Kerry also says there's been genuine progress across the globe since leaders first met at the World Economic Forum in 1987.

He says it's now about fostering that progress and pushing forward with new, creative ideas.

"In energy, education, food security, health and through a process on open discussion like we engage in here, we will continue to ways to improve governance, to faster share prosperity, to create societies where leaders are accountable and whose citizens have the privilege of thriving under rule of law."

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