Terry Pheto calls on film industry to reflect on diversity

Pheto’s movie in the producer’s role, ‘Ayanda’, made its debut on Netlfix in both Canada and the US.

South African actress, Terry Pheto. Picture: Terry Pheto official Facebook page.

JOHANNESBURG - It's been ten years since local film Tsotsi won an Oscar award for best film in the foreign language category, and with the growing unhappiness with the apparent exclusion of minorities by the academy, actress Terry Pheto says it is time to reflect on what has changed in the film industry.

Pheto's remarks come in the same week that her first movie in the producer's role, Ayanda, made its debut on Netlfix in both Canada and the United States.

The film, which was taken up by American director Ava Duvernay, was produced by Pheto and directed by Sara Blecher.

Pheto says more work still needs to be done.

"We don't want _Tsotsi _to be the only success. We want more films to know success and win foreign films; but more than that, and win best picture as well. For me, it says that we fall under that diversity that everyone is seeking as Africans and foreigners in Hollywood."