‘DA MP Anchen Dreyer is showing her glorification of Paul Kruger’

Dreyer addressed an event hosted by the solidarity movement on Kruger’s birthday in October.

FILE: DA MP Anchen Dreyer. Picture: Twitter.

JOHANNESBURG - The African National Congress (ANC) says a photograph of Democratic Alliance(DA) Member of Parliament (MP) Anchen Dreyer posing with a cardboard cut-out of Transvaal President Paul Kruger shows her "unashamed glorification of a reprehensible figure."

Dreyer addressed an event hosted by the solidarity movement on Kruger's birthday in October.

The photograph has surfaced at a time when racism in politics and in society has become the issue of heated national debate.

Picture: Supplied by ANC's Moloto Mothapo.

This week DA leader Mmusi Maimane said racists were not welcomed in his party and should not vote for the DA.

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The ANC's Moloto Mothapo claims the event commemorated Kruger's life.

"As part of that event, she gave a message of support on behalf of the DA and even posed next to the frame of Paul Kruger. That is a glorification of what Paul Kruger stands for."

However, Dreyer denies this.

She says it was a "toekomsberaad", which just happened to be on Kruger's birthday.

"It happened to be on his birthday, which is 10 October, that was the day of the function. They had a video that they showed and there were lots of different events. One of the items on the programme was kind of a mock interview with Paul Kruger, they had an actor there."

She says the ANC's claim that she is an apartheid apologist is "ridiculous".


The DA says the ANC's criticism of Dreyer is a sign of the ruling party's growing desperation to divide the country along racial lines.

The ANC claims Dreyer is glorifying a man who presided over the torture and killing of black people.

Kruger was the nineteenth century leader of the Transvaal republic.

Dreyer said, "Now the ANC wants to use this to say I'm an apartheid apologist. They don't know me at all."

In response, the DA says South Africa has a rich and complex history, which cannot be wished away.

Rather, the injustices of the past must be recognised and learnt from, and those who violated the rights of others must be remembered for that crime too.

Earlier this week, Maimane laid down the law and said racists were not welcome in the DA.