Burnt body found in Metrorail train after fire

Firefighters discovered the body on one of the train carriages damaged by a fire.

An investigation has been launched to determine the cause of the fire in the Fish Hoek area. Picture: Natalie Malgas/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Firefighters have discovered a burnt body on one of the Metrorail train carriages damaged by a fire in the Fish Hoek area.

An extensive fire broke out on two Metrorail carriages between Sunny Cove and Glencairn earlier today.

#GlencairnFire the burnt out train in Glencairn. Fire crews and police still on scene, fire raging on mountain. NM pic.twitter.com/ba4uSXhjwi

However, officials say no property in currently under threat.

Water-bombing helicopters and firefighters are battling strong winds to get the fire under control.

#GlencairnFire fire crews are being redirected to Fish Hoek. Blaze fanned by strong winds, no property in danger. NM pic.twitter.com/UcudMwHy6H

The City of Cape Town Fire and Rescue Service assisted by Table Mountain National Park and the navy are still battling the inferno on the slopes of Elsies Peak, while one fire truck remains stationed along Glencairn Main Road.

The city's Liesl Moodie said, "Our firefighters came across one body while they we were extinguishing a fire at the Fish Hoek station, where a train was burning earlier."

Metrorail says severe delays are expected on the Southern line until a police investigation is complete.