Leonardo DiCaprio honoured in Davos

The actor received an award for his leadership in tackling the climate crisis.

FILE: Actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Picture: Getty Images/AFP.

DAVOS, Switzerland - Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio received an award 'for his leadership in tackling the climate crisis' at the Annual Crystal Awards held at the World Economic Forum .

At the ceremony in Davos, Switzerland, the actor, whose Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation supports conservation projects, criticised what he called 'the corporate greed' of the energy industry.

"We simply cannot afford to allow the corporate greed of the coal, oil, and gas industries to determine the future of humanity. Those entities with a financial interest in preserving this destructive system have denied and even covered up the evidence of our changing climate," he said.

"Enough is enough. You know better, the world knows better. History will place the blame for this devastation squarely at their feet."

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