Moeletsi Mbeki: Mmusi Maimane’s race speech was honest

Mbeki says Maimane’s speech on race and racism came across as heartfelt and honest.

FILE: Political commentator Moeletsi Mbek. Picture: EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - While the impact of DA (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane's speech on race and racism is debated, there are calls for party leaders to shift their focus to issues of unemployment and the economy.

Political analyst Moeletsi Mbeki says Maimane's speech at the Apartheid Museum yesterday came across as heartfelt and honest.

However, Mbeki says recent racist posts that have made headlines over the past few weeks are not a true reflection of South African society.

"Many people think, just because of few individuals on social media, that we as a society are riddled with racism and this is definitely not true."

He says he would like to see political parties address other burning issues.

"I think the DA, ANC, EFF, IFP … and all of them should be explaining to us now what they stand for and how they are going to solve the primary problems faced by the people of South Africa like unemployment and slow growing economy."

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Maimane said yesterday that leader racist views on social media are merely the tip of the iceberg and inherent racism will only stop when it's tackled inside every home.

Maimane told the audience at the museum that the rainbow nation of 1994 has moved backwards and South Africans are drifting apart.

He said South Africa is regressing from former President Nelson Mandela's ideals of a non-racial society and that the colour of a person's skin still determines their fate in life.

"Part of the problem is that we, as black South Africans, are still made to feel inferior because of the colour of our skin."

Maimane said he believes racism is rifer behind closed doors and inside people's homes.

"If you are thinking of voting for the DA and you are a racist, please don't vote for us."

Adding that he will be hosting a series of racial dialogues titled 'Stand Up and Speak Out' in the wake of several racist posts that have reignited national debate.