Jeremy Cronin: Thabo Mbeki still doesn't get it

Cronin says the former president’s latest claim that he wasn't a bully shows he still doesn't get it.

FILE. Former President Thabo Mbeki. Picture: AFP

JOHANNESBURG - Deputy Minister of Public Works and South African Communist Party (SACP) Deputy General Secretary Jeremy Cronin says former President Thabo Mbeki's latest claim that he wasn't a bully shows he still doesn't get it.

Yesterday Mbeki published an article explaining his view of how Cronin behaved after he referred to the so called 'Zanu-fication of the African National Congress (ANC)' in 2002.

Cronin was strongly criticised by the ANC's National Executive Committee (NEC), which was led by Mbeki.

Cronin says this was a very difficult experience for him and he just doesn't understand why Mbeki has brought it up now.

"I'm bewildered and a bit saddened, not for myself so much, although that was a painful experience back then in 2002."

He says it shows the former president just doesn't realise how it was wrong to arrange for the NEC to line up to condemn him.

"Revitalising it again now is to prove that he wasn't a bully. I think it shows that for whatever reason Mbeki misread the situation then, he continues to completely misread the situation now."

Cronin says the entire affair was part of a plot to influence the outcome of an SACP conference.