Mbeki ‘attacks’ Cronin in latest letter

In his second letter, Mbeki speaks of Cronin’s 2002 comments on the 'Zanufication of the ANC'.

FILE: Former South African president, Thabo Mbeki. Picture: EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Former President Thabo Mbeki has appeared to attack current South African Communist Party (SACP) First Deputy General Secretary and Deputy Public Works Minister, Jeremy Cronin, for comments he made in 2002 when he spoke about the 'Zanufication of the African National Congress' (ANC).

Last week, Mbeki said he would be writing a series of articles responding to claims that he had been paranoid while in office.

Under the title When Your Position Can't be Sustained Create a Scarecrow - the Menace of Post-apartheid South Africa Mbeki explains how it was decided that ANC National Executive Committee meetings would be open to discussions.

He says former Limpopo ANC leader, Sello Moloto, once explained how he had believed media claims these meetings saw dissent being stamped on but when he first attended a meeting, he realised those claims were wrong and debate was encouraged.

Mbeki then refers to an interview in which Cronin spoke about the 'Zanufication of the ANC' explaining that he has since apologised.

But the former president says Cronin still has not explained why he made the comment and to his benefit it was that the comments were made.