Elgin Valley fire rages on

The blaze broke out on Saturday and led to the evacuation of the Meerenvlei Estate.

Firefighters battle fires that raged in Hawston in the Elgin Valley. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN

CAPE TOWN - A massive bush fire is still raging in the Elgin Valley.

WATCH: Runaway fire devastates the Cape's Elgin Valley

The blaze broke out on Saturday and led to the evacuation of the Meerenvlei Estate.

#ElginFire VolunteerWildfireServices crew prepare to stop the fire from jumping to a hotspot. @ThomHolder pic.twitter.com/RjOHPuuWGy

Hundreds of hectares of vegetation have also been reduced to ash.

#ElginFire helicopters at Meerenvlei. pic.twitter.com/s6dV3Y0LtQ

75 firefighters had their work cut out with the wind refusing to cooperate.

The blaze spread to farms in the area.

#ElginFire As the fire looms nearer to houses at Meerensee, people begin their evacuation. @ThomHolder pic.twitter.com/CMMrkyJNSd

Overberg Fire and Rescue's Reinard Geldenhuys said, "There's damage to vineyards and orchards. Three structures were damaged and some had tractors in or trucks in. There were vehicles damaged.

Firefighters remain on high alert and kept a watchful eye over the valley last night before resuming operations this morning.

Geldenhuys added, "There has been a lot of damage to farms, windrows and orchids. We've got reports of complete vineyards being destroyed. It's still massive and ongoing. It's a huge fire and it's not just fynbos, it's going through farms."

The Hawston Secondary School will serve as a place of safety for the evacuated residents.

#ElginFire firefighters battling raging flames in the Overberg. pic.twitter.com/ER8suEaCuW

Cape Town's hot and dry summer conditions often make it susceptible to wildfires. Last year was particularly devastating, with 5,000 hectares of vegetation being burnt.

The fire took four days to bring under control and damaged or destroyed 13 homes.

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