Ram Slam corruption scandal unpacked

Neil Manthorpe provides insight on the Ram Slam corruption scandal. He’s interviewed by CapeTalk’s John Maytham.

CAPE TOWN - Is there corruption in every country that hosts T20 competitions?

Broadcaster and writer Neil Manthorpe thinks so.

"I think there's a lack of will and determination to actually find the bad guys and do something about it."

He was commenting on the recent Ram Slam corruption scandal.

In a statement late last year, Cricket South Africa (CSA) said an intermediary was charged with contriving to fix, or otherwise improperly influence aspects of the 2015 Ram Slam T20 Challenge Series.

The intermediary was also charged for failing or refusing, without compelling justification, to co-operate with an investigation carried out by CSA's Designated Anti-Corruption Official.

Listen to the SoundCloud above Manthorp provides insight.

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