Moeletsi Mbeki: I’m ready to meet Adriaan Vlok

Moeletsi Mbeki says he’s happy to talk to Adriaan Vlok face to face.

FILE: Moeletsi Mbeki. Picture: Moeletsi Mbeki for President Facebook page.

JOHANNESBURG - Moeletsi Mbeki says he's perfectly happy to meet apartheid era Law and Order Minister Adriaan Vlok in person after Vlok called in to a radio discussion featuring Mbeki yesterday.

Mbeki was discussing the current debate around race and racism when Vlok called in and said he wanted to speak to Mbeki because he had been responsible for hurting his family in the past.

Vlok admitted to the Truth Commission that he had been involved in the planning of bomb attacks on the headquarters of the South African Council of Churches, Khotso House, and the Congress of South African Trade Unions House.

Mbeki says he'd be happy to talk to Vlok face to face.

"I'm quite happy to listen to him, hear what he has to say, discuss with him whatever it is that I can discuss but I cannot take any action."