Twitter user apologises for fabricating rape story

Khuthi Makananise told 'The Star' newspaper that she never meant to mislead anyone.

FILE: Makananise says she did not intend for Kamo's story to get over 40 000 retweets. Picture: Twitter Inc.

JOHANNESBURG - The Twitter story about a young Pretoria woman who was allegedly raped and murdered near Germiston on the East Rand has been found to be untrue.

A Twitter user, who goes by the name @JustKhuti, introduced the character in a thread of tweets on Sunday, claiming the young graduate named 'Kamo' had been hijacked and left for dead earlier this month.

_The Star _newspaper published the unconfirmed reports on Monday and has since apologised.

The newspaper says it managed to track down Khuthi Makananise, an 18-year-old from Limpopo, who admitted to fabricating the story.

In the interview Makananise says, "It was just a story I read on the internet and it made me feel like I didn't want to live in South Africa anymore, so I made my own story to show people how bad it is to live in South Africa."

Makananise, who recently published an online book called Secretly in Love With My Principal, says she did not intend for Kamo's story to get over 40,000 retweets.

"Anybody who knows me knows that I love books and I always tell stories. It's just that this time so many people responded, I just left it. I apologise for misleading everyone."

Eyewitness News contacted Gauteng police on Monday to corroborate the story. They have confirmed that there was no incident involving the mentioned character.