Transport minister warns of severe punishment for errant motorists

She says she will prioritise the reclassification of traffic offences in her ploy to get minimum sentence.

Transport minister Dipuo Peters. Picture: EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Transport Minister Dipuo Peters says there will be push this year to have minimum sentences imposed on motorists found guilty of serious traffic offences.

The minister was speaking at the release of the latest festive season death toll figures in Pretoria today, which saw a 14 percent percent rise to 1,755 people killed.

The festive season period under review started on the 1 December and ended yesterday.

Peters wants harsher penalties imposed on errant drivers.

"The reclassification of all road traffic offences to schedule five of the Criminal Procedure Act, will receive high priority in our endeavour and quest for a mandatory minimum sentence for drunken driving, for inconsiderate, reckless and negligent driving."

The Road Traffic Management Corporation's Zola Majavu says this would serve as a deterrent.

"Traffic violations are in, and of themselves, a serious contravention of the law. That needs to be treated with the same mind."

The statistics show that drunk driving as well as reckless behaviour on roads are major contributors to crashes.

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