Mathews Phosa ‘shocked’ by Mbeki’s claims

The former ANC treasurer says Mbeki’s claims came as a surprise & he wishes he hadn’t reopened old wounds.

FILE. Former African National Congress (ANC) Treasurer Mathews Phosa. Picture: Supplied.

JOHANNESBURG - Former African National Congress (ANC) Treasurer Mathews Phosa says he's shocked that former President Thabo Mbeki has now claimed he did not make a decision on whether he believed Phosa was plotting against him with now Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa and former minister Tokyo Sexwale.

In 2001, then Safety and Security Minister Steve Tshwete claimed on national television that the three were trying to remove Mbeki from the Presidency.

Yesterday, Mbeki said on Facebook that Tshwete had named the three by mistake and they were not implicated in wrongdoing by anyone in the ANC.

Phosa says Mbeki's claims came as a surprise.

"It's a bit of a shock to me to say the least. He was the president at the time and therefore should take responsibility for what his ministers were doing at the time if he wants to distance himself."

He also says he wishes Mbeki had not reopened old wounds.

Yesterday, Mbeki said claims that this incident showed he was paranoid were the result of self-serving speculation by the local and international media.