Who is Kamo & why is she trending?

The story of Kamogelo Peterson contains details of a rape and murder, but is it true?

FILE: Local Twitter users have questioned the veracity of a story about a young woman who was allegedly raped and murdered in Germiston. Picture: Twitter Inc.

JOHANNESBURG - Who is 'Kamogelo Peterson'?

Is she a real-life rape and murder victim? Is she a university graduate who was planning to travel to Europe on holiday before being attacked? Or is she merely a character in a fictional story which conned thousands of people, including a local newspaper, into believing she was real?

A Twitter user who goes by the name of Khuti introduced the character in a thread of tweets on Sunday when she 'recalled' how a family friend of nearly six years had been hijacked and left for dead in Germiston on 8 January.

She began her story on the same day of the alleged incident and continued to plot the story last night.

My sister @Kamo51702562 is missing. Her car was found in Germiston early this morning at around 1, windows smashed and no traces of her 😢

Story time ..

1) I met @Kamo51702562 when I was 12, our mothers had met at some work function & developed a friendship almost immediately. She was 15.

Khuti continued to retweet a myriad of reactions with the hashtag #RIPKamo.

She is reunited with her twin and Mommy. May the family be showered with blessings of comfort, acceptance and peace. God's Love to them. ❤️

Look, Kamo's dad went through so much in a space of 4 years.

All his girls taken away from him.

I hope he's getting the necessary support 😢

Sending you, Kamo's family and friends strength and love. Condolences, I pray we find justice and maybe peace one day! @JustKhuthi #RIPKamo

Scrutinising the details of Khuti's story this morning, a number of followers questioned whether the encounter was real.

Some even claimed that Kamo's account was fake and had been set up by the author.

If you go through Kamo's TL you can see it's a brainstorm & a build up to this fiction @pule_iconoclast @the_rainqueen

I raised a brow when she said no one had a pic of Kamo. Not even on their phones? IG maybe? Then I thought they meant a hard copy. 😥

Did you guys get the part where she ate junk food with Kamo but then later stated that she was being fed via drip? pic.twitter.com/jPScgsmp28

Why does Kamo only interact with her on the timeline? Soooo many loopholes in that story

A Twitter user who claims to know Khuti, says he was also duped into believing that Kamo exists.

I mean Khuthi is friends with my Lil sis. Same class in school. I'm four years older. Dint think she was capable of fooling me like that

I honestly believed the story until I went 2 sleep last night.I thought about everything and started having doubts so decided 2 ask her bro

There has been mixed reaction to the story, with some users saying Khuti's story was insensitive to the plight of sexual abuse against women and children in South Africa.

What worries me is that there'll be a true Kamo situation and we'll pay no regard or concern for it. Violence to women isn't "story time" 💔

So that girl lied about that Kamo story? Wow you people are disgusting!

Rape is a very serious issue in our cruel society. It is utterly disgusting that it has been reduced to a "story" for retweets #Kamo #Khuthi

Looks like some of us got Kamo'd. Eish!

The Department of Women, however, says the tale - whether true or not - has helped raise awareness .

Khuthi's may not be aware but her story helped raise awareness of the scourge.

@JustKhuti has not replied to any of the concerns raised on Twitter. By the time this article was published the last tweet she composed was at 11:17pm on Sunday.

Eyewitness News has contacted Gauteng police who say they are looking into the matter.