SA diplomat arrested in Norway identified as Booysen Dombo

Dombo is accused of causing a car crash while allegedly drunk in Oslo on Sunday.

FILE: The Norwegian flag. Picture: AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - The South African diplomat accused of causing a car crash, allegedly while drunk in Norway has been identified as the embassy's first secretary and head of political affairs.

Booysen Dombo was allegedly under the influence of alcohol when he crashed head-on into another vehicle in the capital Oslo during the early hours of Sunday morning.

While the diplomat escaped unhurt, the female passenger in the other car was entrapped, but sustained minor injuries.

Norwegian media reports confirm that Dombo was stopped by the police in September last year, who suspected him of being drunk, but he refused to be tested and invoked his diplomatic immunity.

While Norway's foreign ministry was informed of that incident and a meeting with South Africa's ambassador was requested, the meeting did not take place.

Government is considering a request to waive Dombo's diplomatic immunity so he can face prosecution for the latest incident.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Alliance has urged the International Relations Department to suspend the diplomat and initiate disciplinary steps against him.

The party has also asked that Parliament's Portfolio Committee be briefed on the matter at the first sitting this year.