Standard Bank to take disciplinary action against Chris Hart

The economist has issued an apology for comments he made on Twitter which were deemed racist.

Standard Bank economist, Chris Hart. Picture: Screengrab.

JOHANNESBURG - Standard Bank says it will be instituting disciplinary action against economist Chris Hart over comments he made on Twitter.

The bank says it does not endorse Hart's tweet, which read:

More than 25 years after Apartheid ended, the victims are increasing along with a sense of entitlement and hatred towards minorities….

  • Chris Hart (@chrishartZA) January 3, 2016 Hart has since issued an apology for the tweet, saying he meant no offence.

Standard Bank spokesperson Ross Linstrom said, "The comments made by him are factually incorrect and make inappropriate assumptions about South Africa. And accordingly, we've initiated the appropriate internal disciplinary procedures to ensure that these type of personal comments are not associated with the Standard Bank group in the future."

He told Eyewitness News he cannot comment at this stage:

This tweet has caused offense - never intended for which I apologize wholeheartedly. Meant to be read in context of slow growth

@chrishartZA don't apologize for what you meant to say. Also, relax, we are now dealing with a worse racist than you from @JawitzProp


At the same time, Jawitz Properties says its management team will meet with the firm's internal regulatory body to discuss exactly what action will be taken against a former employee, who posted racist comments on her Facebook page.

Penny Sparrow has been trending on Twitter after referring to black people as monkeys, and expressing how disgusted she was to see them on South Africa's beaches.

Angry social media users responded, with some sending direct messages to Sparrow, who has since tried to apologise.

CEO Herschel Jawitz says sparrow left the firm in November but has harmed its reputation by continuing to use its logo.

"We're investigating what action we can take as a company and in conjunction with the regulatory body, working closely to see what we can do."

Jawitz says Sparrow's comments have damaged the company's reputation and she must account for her actions.

"We will take whatever action we deem necessary, including criminal, civil or any other action to get it removed and to get her shut down. We view this very seriously, it's a very serious matter."

Sparrow has since removed the post from her Facebook page, replacing it with an apology saying she didn't mean to insult anyone.


Jack: "She ain't my sister!" #PennySparrow

Am just up-hauled,saddened by such extreme ignorance portrayed by #PennySparrow... It's a Family indoctrination,parents' bad Leadership.

Jawitz has distance itself from #PennySparrow but they must be specific how far is this distance 7 kms ,19 kms or 54 kms ,we need spicifics.

Unfortunately the racist statements of #PennySparrow define many white people and DA supporters in SA & the indecisive Gov is complicit.

There's been many suggestions of how to deal w #PennySparrow. Some of us would like to pursue em all. Join us

Seems like this #PennySparrow is the one who is "underprivileged" (intellectually) and needs the "help" she claims to give!!

when uneducated Monkeys heard that there are different types of monkeys.. #PennySparrow #metrofm

Doesn't matter when u were born!If you or yr relatives live in a tin shack u experience apartheid TODAY and every other day of yr existence

@AdvDali_Mpofu.What can we really do to/about racists? Violence is illegal, justice in court is not guaranteed. #Chris Hart# Penny Sparrow.