City of CT implements level two water restrictions

The city has imposed level 2 restrictions as a result of the severe drought gripping the country.

FILE: The restrictions are set to save twenty percent of the city’s daily water usage. Picture:

CAPE TOWN - Level two water restrictions have been implemented in Cape Town.

The city has imposed the restrictions as a result of the severe drought that's gripping the entire country.

The constraints are set to save twenty percent of the city's daily water usage.

The City's Ernest Sonnenberg said, "Level two restrictions apply from New Year's Day. I'd like to remind residents that these are not punitive measures, but is a way for the City to take the necessary steps to protect our water supply and guard against finding ourselves in a full blown crisis, which has been the case in other municipalities."

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The public will only be able to wash vehicles with hosepipes fitted with an automatic self-closing device.

People who use alternative resources will also be expected to adhere to these restrictions.

Sonnenberg says that when using alternative water sources for watering gardens, people are encouraged to do so only before 9am and after 4pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Users must display clearly that they are using non-potable water and be registered with the citySound.

Late last year, national government declared the North West, Limpopo and KwaZulu-Natal disaster zones.

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Meanwhile, the Western Cape government is set to assist emerging grain farmers, who have been affected by the drought.

The provincial government is waiting on national government to approve their application to declare certain areas of the Western Cape as 'drought disaster zones'.

Economic opportunities MEC Alan Winde says R600,000 is meant to assist farmers they've been supporting through land reform projects.

He explains why they will focus specifically on these farmers.

"They don't have track records so they can't borrow money from banks; they haven't been farming for a long time so they haven't built up any reserves and we have put taxpayers' money into getting land reform going, so the idea is that this is just interim relief."

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