Sexwale: Fifa brand broken but can be fixed

Fifa presidential candidate Tokyo Sexwale believes he has what it takes to rebuild Fifa.

Fifa presidential candidate Tokyo Sexwale spoke at a media briefing in Sandton on 19 December 2015. Picture: Reinart Toerien/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Fifa presidential candidate Tokyo Sexwale says the game of football is not broken but the administration is.

Sexwale was addressing the Council of South African Football Association in Sandton on Saturday at its annual general meeting.

Three of the Fifa presidential candidates were in attendance and took the time to give their views on the game of football, the presidential race and the corruption allegations.

Sexwale says the controversy surrounding Fifa has tainted the game of football.

Sexwale says the corruption charges around Fifa's leadership have caused players, fans, sponsors and others to lose trust in the organisation.

He says he believes faith in football and Fifa can be restored.

"It needs to be policed and developed. What is broken is the brand right at the top."

Fellow Fifa presidential candidate Jerome Champagne agrees.

"What Mr. Sexwale has said is absolutely right. We need to rebuild credibility. We need to retie the knot and the connection between Fifa and the fans."

However, the two candidates disagree on the origin of the next president.

Sexwale believes it should be an African leader, but Champagne says origin should not matter.