Lindiwe Zulu denies accusing big business of plot to topple Zuma

But Zulu does say corporate SA does not communicate effectively with the state & ruling party.

FILE: Lindiwe Zulu. Picture: United Nations.

JOHANNESBURG - Senior African National Congress (ANC) leader Lindiwe Zulu says she believes that corporate South Africa does not communicate effectively with the state and ruling party.

But she denies accusing big business of plotting to topple President Jacob Zuma.

The Mail & Guardian is this morning reporting that Zulu said that the business sector should have rallied around the president after his appointment of David van Rooyen as finance minister, as this would have minimised the impact on the markets.

Zulu denies this, saying her comments were taken out of context.

She says there is no plot to topple the president by big business, but there's a lack of communication.

"I don't think business is as close as it's supposed to be. If big business in particular consistently talks to the governing party, many of the things we found ourselves in would not have happened."

Zulu also says business is not obliged to support the president's decision.

"If they had an obligation, I don't think the president would have reversed that decision. He reversed that decision because he listened to business."

Zulu served as Zuma's advisor when he first came into office and says he's always had difficulty in communicating effectively with major companies in South Africa.