‘New visa concessions will take the industry forward’

The Tourism Dept met with industry stakeholders in Sandton to discuss the latest changes.

FILE. Home Affairs Director General holds up a sample of an SA unabridged birth certificate, Picture: Vumani Mkhize/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - The Tourism Department has welcomed the new visa concessions, saying they will take the industry forward.

Cabinet announced over a month ago that regulations requiring biometric visas for tourists and unabridged birth certificates for children were being amended following an outcry from the tourist industry.

The department met with stakeholders in Sandton on Thursday, to discuss the latest changes.

The department's Director General Victor Tharage says there needs to be a balance between creating a robust economy whilst ensuring the security of the country.

"You've got to make it easier for people who really, legitimately want to come here, but you've got to be punitive to people that actually want to take chances."

WATCH: South African tourism welcomes new visa concessions