#ZumaMustFall: Twitter speaks

Social media users want President Jacob Zuma recalled after sacking the finance minister.

A screengrab of President Jacob Zuma laughing in Parliament.

CAPE TOWN - #ZumaMustFall is currently the number one trending topic on Twitter in South Africa.

This comes after President Jacob Zuma's announcement last night that he had sacked his Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene after 18 months in the position.

The president has not yet explained his decision.

The ruling ANC party says Zuma exercised his constitutional prerogative by removing Nene.

Twitterverse expressed shock at Nene's redeployment which quickly resulted in the hastag, #ZumaMustFall.

#ZumaMustFall Petrol doubled the price it was in 2004 https://t.co/b5CcWXdFKR

Clearly the #ANC is failing in firing #ZumaMustFall, as South Africans we must take it upon ourselves and fire this man.

South Africa need to unite against a common threat. If this cancer is left unattended it will be the death of our beloved RSA #ZumaMustFall

ANC must voetsek. How dare they ask for my vote next year? This country must wake up and liberate ITSELF. #ZumaMustFall #Aysafani

Putting people into leadership coz of the past must stop , we need to be led by people who are Educated,


#ZumaMustFall now he has shown his despicable hand. We cannot sit back and let this be. The man must go.

He's busy looting, destroying and giggling as he goes along, yet he expects us citizens to be motivated to work & pay taxes! #ZumaMustFall

Our country is in deep trouble #ZumaMustFall - How much more of this are we going to tolerate?

This man, just doesn't care! #ZumaMustFall pic.twitter.com/nzxOTsuREF

Our president is a liability to our country!. #ZumaMustFall

#ZumaMustFall - everything else is secondary right now

Cadre deployment will be the death of this country. #ZumaMustFall

Not only is he destroying our economy and country but he's not even being secretive about it #ZumaMustFall

#ZumaMustFall. That's all.

Sad thing is the people who voted for him are not on twitter; they're unemployed & struggling to afford food nvm data to vent #ZumaMustFall

#ThaboMbeki to the Nation. #ZumaMustFall pic.twitter.com/4TZJCR7NA9

#ZumaMustFall is now more than a Trending topic, it has become our responsibility as Citizens of this great Country

However, we all know a hashtag doesn't always work as there have been numerous hashtags in the past year, but only #FeesMustFall had some serious impact.